Spending the last month preparing to move has left me decidedly underwhelmed with the idea of grocery shopping and cooking. It’s just hard to cook somewhere that isn’t home, and who wants to haul groceries between old and new residences anyhow? Happily, I’ll be in my new place by the end of the week. That means I get to visit the farmer’s market on Sunday to get some groceries!

The season has fully transitioned from winter to spring, which means new produce is beginning to make an appearance. I’m not always on top of what is ripe. Thankfully, there’s a local non-profit organization called CUESA (Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture,) which operates the farmer’s market at the Ferry Building. CUESA is a wonderful resource to find out what’s growing as well as what to do with it. Wanting to try the novel concept of going in with a grocery list instead of being surprised, I went to their website to do some research.

(List modified and re-ordered from http://www.cuesa.org/this-weeks-picks to include only produce. I highly recommend you check out the market’s full listing.)


Avocados, Meyer lemons, strawberries


Artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, English peas, fava beans, green garlic, Kohlrabi (the greens are also edible), leeks, radishes, rhubarb, baby roots, baby turnips, spring onions


Dandelion greens, miner’s lettuce, mizuna (Japanese greens), nettles, puntarelle (the stems of a bitter green related to chicory), radish greens, rapini greens, spinach, watercress


Edible blossoms, sorrel

Three lemons
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When I went through the list of what I could find, I was astonished by what I was unfamiliar with. Miner’s lettuce? Mizuna? Puntarelle? Rapini greens? Even Kohlrabi is something I’ve heard of but not recognized in person. Not being a fan of the bitterness of chicory, I won’t be trying to prepare puntarelle any time soon. On the other hand, it looks like I’ll be getting plenty of Vitamin C and fiber as I experiment with a variety of greens that haven’t yet crossed my plate.

What on this list are you excited to see coming into season? Drop me a note below!