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Month: March 2016


Try Something New With Seasonal Spring Produce

Spending the last month preparing to move has left me decidedly underwhelmed with the idea of grocery shopping and cooking. It’s just hard to cook somewhere that isn’t home, and who wants to haul groceries between old and new residences anyhow? Happily, I’ll be in my new place by the end of the week. That means…
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Everchange Fitness Coming Soon

Breaking New Ground: Bringing A Fitness Studio To Life

I get the keys to my brand new personal and small group fitness studio next week. Oh. My. Goodness. My own studio. Something I barely dared to dream could happen is on its way. Dear self: breathe. In addition to the continued housing search, every bit of remaining energy has been split between giving my…
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Finding Support In Stressful Times: Allowing Opportunities to Enter

For the first time since September, my blog is up a day late. Sometimes life happens all at once. Rather than letting myself become swept under, I’ve worked hard to keep my head high. The Struggle Something I’ve been working through since the winter is need to find housing. In November, I was given notice…
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Chop and Lift 3

Movements We Ignore In The Gym That Our Backs Crave

When we think about creating strong backs, we tend to think of certain movements. Planks, supermans, pull ups, lat pull downs, row variations. We forget that our spines are also meant to bend and rotate… when we want them to. Incorporate these five movements into your warm up and workout routines. By focusing on the…
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