This weekend I took full advantage of the sunshine by leading rides for AIDS Life/Cycle on both Saturday and Sunday. I rode 25 miles Saturday, 20 on Sunday. Before I got on the bike, we had a few things to do… and a proper warm up was high priority.

Most of the time, people do a couple of static stretches before hopping on their bike. Grab a foot, stretch the quad. Stick the leg out straight and lean over for the hamstring. Sweet, ready to ride!

Or not. I’m of the school of thought advocating you get that body ready to move. Save the static stretches for after the post-ride shower, when the muscles are really receptive. Active (or dynamic) movements are best before you go!

Enjoy this routine that my riders get to go through before their training rides. It’s quick, easy, and most important- can be done while wearing bike shoes!

Comment below or send me a message if you’d like to receive a handout version of this routine!