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Month: February 2016

Head For The Hills Playlist.

Create The Perfect Mood With Music That Makes You Move

Music is amazingly powerful. It has the ability to uplift or calm our spirits. When working out, and especially riding, it can provide a rhythm that gives you a smooth cadence. A flow, you may say. This playlist was inspired by a need to smoothly pedal myself up hills. I push too hard and burn out…
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Pear-Date Chutney: sweet and spicy goodness.

Farmer’s Market Finds: Pear-Date Chutney Recipe

Yesterday afternoon, I took a trip to the Civic Center Farmer’s Market in San Francisco, eager to snap up some of the last minute finds before the vendors finished packing up and going home. True, if you get there within the last hour, the selection is much more limited. The upside? They frequently don’t want to…
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The Preciousness of Life During Every Day Commuting

People regularly ask me if biking in the city is scary. “Yes,” I tell them. “Then again, so is driving, being a pedestrian, and you haven’t experienced city living until you’ve witnessed two women passing by your seat while in a full-blow, hair-pulling level of brawl on the bus.” Every day, I witness countless cyclist…
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Habit calendar.

Stopping The Excuse Habit: A Successful Transformation

Creating Your Better Body as a lifestyle program gave me the kick in the pants I needed to step up my self care. After I fell off the training wagon from ALC, I let myself go in a number of ways. The clothing sizes didn’t really change. What did was my overall health. My adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia,…
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Side-to-side warm up exercise.

A More Effective Warm Up For Cyclists

This weekend I took full advantage of the sunshine by leading rides for AIDS Life/Cycle on both Saturday and Sunday. I rode 25 miles Saturday, 20 on Sunday. Before I got on the bike, we had a few things to do… and a proper warm up was high priority. Most of the time, people do a couple…
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