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My Favorite Home Fitness Gear

My Favorite Home Fitness Gear

The best exercise gear for your home.

While I’m a huge advocate of bodyweight exercises, having just a few pieces of equipment can boost your experience. Living in a small San Francisco apartment, I have to be mindful of how much space I really want everything to take up. Weights are bulky AND expensive!

Before you begin investing, there are a few everyday items you can use from your home.

  • Pillows. Pillows are surprisingly evil. They can change your stability, adding a significant amount of difficulty to your workouts.
  • Chairs. Chairs can be used to stabilize yourself while working on balance exercises, or act as an incline surface.
  • A long towel or belt. This can be used to facilitate stretching or to provide resistance for training.

Once you are ready to step up your gear, here are a few things to consider purchasing.

The best exercise gear for your home.

The best exercise gear for your home.

  • Mini resistance bands. These small bands are best used for lower body strengthening. The use of bands can help you get into deep musculature you may not have connected with before.
  • Resistance cables and bands. Having a basic set of bands and cables will allow you to do a wider variety of exercises. If needing to choose one first, go for the bands. They will be the most flexible in terms of adaptability.
  • Chin up bar. This can be the final ultimate item in your training arsenal. Having a bar will give you ways to use your resistance bands and cables for maximum success as well as progress into full pull ups and chin ups.

What would make your home gym complete? Leave a comment below!


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  1. Dane says:

    Ive gotten creative with my skateboard, for ab/core conditioning! Before i had a pull up bar, i used a steal pipe (ace hardwear, 3.99) creativly. I love hitting up goodwill for cheap fun ideas: i use a 4.99 sturdy wood cutting board, which makes it easier to hold a deep, ass to grass squat. (Stand on board at angle, lower angle till flat feet is comfortable ).

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