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Month: January 2016

How CoSchedule Took A Load Off My Shoulders

As last summer came to an end, I had a pressing business goal: build a strong online social presence, first and foremost through blogging. I’d started and stopped writing blog posts for years. As a former journalist, erratic schedules are simply not acceptable. What I needed was a regular, consistent blog that actually educates my readers. I did…
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Roasted celery root, parsnips and turnip with rosemary.

Roasted Celery Root, Parsnips and Turnips with Rosemary

One of my favorite things to do in a grocery store is to go over the produce section and experiment with something I’m not used to cooking. It’s EASY to stick with the same old staples: carrots, potatoes, celery… yawn. Turns out there are other root veggies that are easy to prepare! Yesterday’s grocery store finds led…
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Know your trainer to understand them.

What to Look For In a Personal Trainer

There’s no doubt about it: hiring a personal trainer is a huge decision. You’re about to enter a relationship that will impact your entire life. Personal training begins much like dating. You awkwardly ask each other questions at your first meeting, determining if you’ll be a good fit for long-term commitment. It’s important to know that…
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Meditation cushion

Life After Retreat: Rediscovering My Sanity

There’s usually an expectation that we’ve had some sort of epiphany after attending a meditation retreat. Truth be told, the main epiphany we’re usually likely to get is, “Yup. Still neurotic.” For a second time, I just wrapped up a week-long meditation retreat led a senior teacher from the Shambhala Buddhist lineage. This year provoked…
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The best exercise gear for your home.

My Favorite Home Fitness Gear

While I’m a huge advocate of bodyweight exercises, having just a few pieces of equipment can boost your experience. Living in a small San Francisco apartment, I have to be mindful of how much space I really want everything to take up. Weights are bulky AND expensive! Before you begin investing, there are a few…
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