How often have you stopped a project midway because you weren’t doing it perfectly? Because you didn’t feel like you’d get it “exactly” right, it would just never get done? There’s also the opposite example. You spend ALL your time trying to perfect one item, and you run out of time to do the rest of your duties.

When things won't fall into place.
When things won’t fall into place.

There IS such a thing as “good enough,” and it’s high time we value its impact.

Let me share with you a story of when I recently caught myself in the Perfect Trap. As a business owner in the fitness industry, there are visions I’ve held for years to improve the quality of service my clients receive.

I’m a huge fan of providing documentation for clients to review when we aren’t together. I get it. It’s HARD to remember all the exercises and their pertinent notes so you get the best out of the movement. Taking it a step further, I ALSO wanted to provide video clips that clients could view. Surely, between the documentation and video, it would help my clients understand what we were doing together.

I have an email where I proposed these ideas to my (then) web designer and business mentor, dated July of 2012. Jump to November of 2015. For three years, I had nothing. The few attempts I made, I discarded along the way as hopeless. At long last, I can finally say I’ve made strides in putting these resources together.

Why did it take so long for me to get there?


I wanted everything I put out to be EXACTLY right. I wanted them to look polished and professional, not like some random passerby with an iPhone and too much time on their hands. I wanted my body to look perfect. I agonized over layouts. I stressed about finding someone to record me, while knowing I had limited financial resources. This year was a wakeup call. If I don’t start doing these things, even if they aren’t up to my perfect standards… they’ll NEVER get done. That’s just not acceptable.

The great news is that the last two weeks have kicked me into high gear. I’ve now got 35 exercise clips up and accessible to clients who are performing those particular exercises, with plans to shoot more. I set myself a game plan- when I get to at least 50 video clips, then I’ll put together small videos of full sequences. (Also available only to clients.)

Performing the windmill warm up exercise- a new video clip.
Performing the windmill warm up exercise- a new video clip.

Does this mean I’ll stop with 50 clips? Oh heck no! It means I’ll have hit a certain point I feel comfortable with, and can move to the next level while working on expansion. There’s an ever-evolving list of video clips to shoot. There’s also a list of exercise sequences that’s being mutually developed. I don’t fancy myself the next super-star YouTube trainer. Then again, it will sure be nice to know that my clients who live overseas have one more chance to see the exercises they should be practicing even when we aren’t live through Google Hangouts.

Avoiding my dreams because I was afraid I couldn’t make them perfect enough kept me in stasis. Working towards them, accepting the idea they can be “good enough,” has me motivated all over again. My productivity off the training floor is soaring. My clients are loving what I’ve put out. I accept that there will never be a perfect product, because life is ever-changing.

What will change if you stop beating yourself up for your imperfections, and accept you are perfectly enough for right now?