Thanksgiving is right around the bloody corner. Say what? It seems like just yesterday I was frantically starting my training for AIDS Life/Cycle, a massively worthy goal. I spent almost every Saturday from the start of the year until the end of May dedicated to rides, getting on the bike whenever else possible so my body would be prepared.

After I successfully completed the ride, it would have been so easy to do what others did: leave my bike alone other than commuting. I knew I didn’t want to backslide. I’d made myself a promise to focus on Everchange Fitness after I returned, yet the bike had to remain a priority because my body is a priority.

Successful people know that one of the keys to getting what they want is to continually set new goals. Keep challenged and focused!

Wanting to keep up my progress from the last year, I set myself some manageable objectives:

  • Become an AIDS Life/Cycle Training Ride Leader, both to help give back and (let’s be honest) give myself a standing commitment to get on the bike.
    • Certification completed November 15. Woohoo!
  • Plan charity rides for 2016. I aim to do a few smaller events to support causes that impact my clients.
    • Best Buddies Ride (Hearst Castle) – definite. Tour de Cure and Waves to Wine are also strong contenders. I have one more month to get myself registered for everything. COMMITMENT.
  • Study for my Balanced Body Pilates Instructor certification. I’ve gone through the education, but ALC and my clients had to take priority. Now I can dedicate the time to wrap it up!
    • Goal test out date: March 15, 2016
  • Ride at least 70 miles every week.
    • During certain seasons, this is easier. I’m all over the place traveling to clients! When holidays arise, my clients are out of town and I have less incentive to travel. A goal of 70-100 miles every week forces me out of the lazy zone and onto the saddle.
  • Take time to meditate.
    • Because my clients are gone, I have more time to spend focusing on myself. I’m a “poor Buddhist” in terms of keeping up a regular meditation period. Instead, I have cycles that allow me to return to my practice. Throughout the year I’ll meditate as I can and work on mindfulness. Late fall and winter is when I can take the skills I’ve learned and dedicate myself to meditation.

Get through the holidays by giving yourself accomplishable tasks.

With the holidays on the rise, it’s easy to forget about our ambitions. (That’s what New Year’s Resolutions are for, right?) We’re trying just to survive the chaos! The best way to handle it all is to not stress about a major goal. Instead, work on more bite-sized tidbits that keep you going and feeling successful. Personally, my current plan will help lead into next year’s more major goals of actually riding the charity rides and becoming a fully certified BBU instructor.

Short term goals.

Do you need help setting goals that will help you feel like you didn’t waste the holidays bouncing between work and stress? Send me an email at We’ll have a talk about how to help keep you feeling focused and successful!