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Month: November 2015

Always hard to say no.

Your Cheats Are Out To Get You

I read a fascinating article that stuck with me a couple of weeks ago, discussing the idea of “Everything in Moderation.” (Click here to read the original article.) What I walked away with is that this mentality causes us to engage in unconscious self-sabotage. Since we’re frequently allowing ourselves little bits of the items that…
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Healthy Ways Avoid the Holiday Guilt

Oh, the holidays. We tell ourselves all sorts of little lies. “I don’t eat more during family dinners.” “I don’t like those holiday meals.” “I don’t drink more when celebrating than other days.” If the practice met the reality, that would be great. For me, last night was a perfect example. My little lie is that…
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Stay Motivated in the Middle of Chaos

Thanksgiving is right around the bloody corner. Say what? It seems like just yesterday I was frantically starting my training for AIDS Life/Cycle, a massively worthy goal. I spent almost every Saturday from the start of the year until the end of May dedicated to rides, getting on the bike whenever else possible so my…
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Performing the windmill warm up exercise- a new video clip.

Stop Beating Yourself Up For Not Being Absolutely “Perfect”

How often have you stopped a project midway because you weren’t doing it perfectly? Because you didn’t feel like you’d get it “exactly” right, it would just never get done? There’s also the opposite example. You spend ALL your time trying to perfect one item, and you run out of time to do the rest…
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Hinge stretch.

Six Remarkably Simple Stretches You Should Try Right Now

After the work I spent in the kitchen and at my computer last week, my body needed some TLC! I’d been keeping active, remembering to warm up in the mornings, but I wasn’t getting in time for myself to stretch. This week is about re-introducing some self-care. I’d like to share with you all some…
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