I don’t have washboard abs or a perfectly taught physique. I’m far from perfect, as I often find myself struggling to appreciate. I myself fall into the dreaded trap of having my OWN image of what a trainer should look like, and it can be a huge struggle to accept that it’s okay I’m not perfectly chiseled.

I’m not the trainer people come to because they’re looking for perfect.

I’m the trainer people come to because they’re looking for achievable.

Feeling like a superhero.
Fit and Healthy at 35
I’m pretty darned excited that I turned 35 yesterday. Here are some pretty nifty things I did with myself when I decided that continually seeking comfort was really pretty miserable!

  • I went from a size 22 to a size 4. (In my case, a change of around 70 pounds.) I typically like the way I look and feel. On the days I don’t, I have a fantastic support group who offers the compassion I fail to give myself.
  • I’ve performed as a pole aerialist at some pretty nifty events. Clumsy, sickly “old” me never dreamed of this!
  • I’m an active volunteer with the San Francisco Bike Coalition and Shambhala Meditation Center of SF.
  • I rode my bicycle from SF to LA in 7 days this June, helping raise $5,000 for AIDS/LifeCycle. (That’s 545 miles, folks!) Thanks to this, I’ve been inspired to sign up to become a Training Ride Leader for 2016 and find additional charities to sign up as a rider.
Cyclist vs bear
Face your fears. They may turn into something beautiful!
As a child I had a crystal clear vision of my future. (Interestingly this vision was frozen around the age of 30, where I’d already have established a successful partner, career, home and children.) I achieved and destroyed almost all those childhood dreams, meanwhile settling for a pale shadow of living. Because I kept continually looking to make things easier yet not using the tools I had readily available,  I blocked my own ability to progress through choosing fear over experiences. There was no connection to myself.

Here on my birthday, I love what I have achieved. I am proud of where I am and the endless potential of where I can take myself. Here’s to what happens next. Thank you for sharing the journey with me!

Check back next Monday for tips on how to get the best out of your fitness training!