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Month: September 2015

cooking with Sun Basket

Avoiding My Least Favorite Parts of Cooking

Even beyond washing dishes, there are a couple of tasks that can have me feeling like cooking is a dreadful chore. Grocery shopping is something that makes me cringe. I inevitably wind up with more than I wanted, with produce that goes to waste and items that I wanted to obtain left forgotten despite the…
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The Keys To Getting The Best Results When Working Out

When we begin a workout program, we want to make sure we actually get results that last. We don’t want to feel like we’re constantly starting over. That said, I want to share with you some proven ways to make sure your time and efforts are well spent. 1. Bring a notebook. Writing down your own…
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What Happened When I Chose Bravery Over Comfort

I don’t have washboard abs or a perfectly taught physique. I’m far from perfect, as I often find myself struggling to appreciate. I myself fall into the dreaded trap of having my OWN image of what a trainer should look like, and it can be a huge struggle to accept that it’s okay I’m not…
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