In a huge step, October found me volunteering to ride the 2015 AIDS/LifeCycle, a bike ride that will span 545 miles from San Francisco to LA over 7 days with thousands of other people. See my first post related to this for more information about my decision. Now I’m not only biking for my own health, but for countless others as well!
It turns out it was a great thing I used October as an assessment and planning month. The week of the 13th found me suffering from a pervasive migraine chain, which I suspected was partially caused by overtraining a few days before and a food allergy.
A fairly accurate representation of how I felt for the week.

The migraines did a wonderful job of “waking” me up! I found myself spending as much time on the bike as possible, learning to be mindful of how much other exercise I did around it. (Total miles ridden for the week of the 20th: 95.4!!!)
Findings and Goals:
  • Only commuting, I typically ride 30-40 miles in a week.
  • My allergies need to be addressed. I want to eat a healthier variety of foods and be less impacted by environmental sensitivities. Stay tuned for future posts discussing my sessions with the practitioners at Advanced Allergy Specialists, who take a holistic approach to treating allergies.
  • My nutrition needs to be dialed in for best energy. I’ll be working with Manuel Villacorta, a registered dietician in San Francisco who works with LifeCycle trainees. The next couple of weeks will involve us putting together a complete lifestyle picture as well as him drawing blood to see where my nutrient needs lie. I’m curious to see what this will all wind up looking like.
  • In November, I will strive to ride 100 miles a week, which means I will need to get in one or two significant rides every week, with at least one hour of conditioning and an hour of Pilates per week.
Major October training rides
Hawk Hill Loop. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the bay area, when you cross into Marin from the Golden Gate Bridge, just to the west is a beautiful route that follows the water up into some pretty serious climbs. This was the first time I’d ever crossed the bridge, accomplishing a significant personal goal! The ride was done with four other women from the LifeCycle riding group, She Spoke. Wildlife spotted included quail and deer. I also managed a quick errand to the Mission before leaving my bike at home for the rest of the day, bringing total ride distance to 26.4 miles.

Sunrise from Hawk Hill

Solo ride to Sausalito. Finding myself with free time a couple of days, I decided to build on my accomplishment and do an impromptu trip to Sausalito. The ride there was exhilarating. The climb BACK up to the bridge from Sausalito was a little challenging, but I put in some solid effort. Ride distance 23 miles; total day’s distance 27.4 miles.

Loving the view from Sausalito.

Beginner’s ride through Golden Gate Park and around the Sunset with She Spoke. Whoa. Three days of riding in one week. Pleasantly, I remained strong! This was the shortest out of the rides this week, a nice finish to wrap it all up. A certain briskness filled the air, reminding us that we have finally entered the joys of fall. Ride distance 13.5; total day distance 19.5. Sadly, I wasn’t able to capture a pic of the occasion.
This is truly a splendid adventure in progress!