You’ve worked hard all morning: putting out fires, somehow staying awake through meetings (and rewarding yourself with one of the pastries they baited you with) and maintaining composure even in the most frustrating situations with the most exasperating people.
You feel guilty for eating the pastry. When it’s finally time for lunch you plan to make up for it by eating less, if anything at all. Maybe a salad topped with low calorie fat-free dressing, washed down with water or a soy latte (or caffeine of choice) in the attempt to keep your energy up for the rest of the day.
Or you could workout, eat a quick and satisfying lunch then return to the office feeling accomplished.
Pilates in the Park side lying
Meghan, Opal and Amy soak up the sunshine while practising Pilates.
The Challenge of the Lunch-time Workout
It could be you aren’t a member of a gym. Or if you are, you don’t have time for the entire process involved: watching time slip by as you change into workout gear, get yourself good and sweaty, showering, then making yourself professionally presentable again before rushing back to the office. Not to mention the “fun” of being trapped a room full of other sweaty people who just want to get it all done.
What if there was another choice?
Wouldn’t it be extraordinary if there was something like a low-impact workout that was effective but not overly strenuous? Made you feel great but didn’t need sweat to make you feel like you did something good for yourself? Heck, while we’re in fantasy-land, let’s put it outside in the beautiful fresh air, in a gorgeous park. Oh, and it needs to be affordable.
Yeah. That would be perfect, wouldn’t it?
We’re all tired of the same rushed experience. That’s why I created Pilates in the Park.
Held at Yerba Buena Gardens, in a beautiful and convenient park in the SOMA/Downtown area, Pilates in the Park gives you it all – a workout that focuses on restorative movement and waking up your mind and body. (It doesn’t say anywhere that a good workout needs to leave you sweaty and exhausted. I checked.)
Pilates in the Park roll ups
Roll-ups stretch the spine and strengthen the deep core.
It really is amazing what happens when you treat your body and mind well. Your energy level increases, your focus, concentration, and even memory break out of the work-day fog to give you better productivity. Believe me, your friends will notice! (Exercise is always more fun with friends, so don’t keep this secret- invite them to come along.)
Pilates in the Park is held every Thursday at Yerba Buena Gardens, from 12:15-1pm. This is all about keeping things no stress: just a fun and refreshing 45 minutes. To make it accessible for everyone, it’s only a $5 – $10 donation. Click here for more information on location, what to bring, and to reserve your spot online.
See you next week!