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Month: June 2014

Make the Best of Your Lunch Break

You’ve worked hard all morning: putting out fires, somehow staying awake through meetings (and rewarding yourself with one of the pastries they baited you with) and maintaining composure even in the most frustrating situations with the most exasperating people. You feel guilty for eating the pastry. When it’s finally time for lunch you plan to make up…
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More than BBQ for Father’s Day Fitness

To all of you fathers & soon-to-be fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day! In celebration of you, today we’re going to focus on something incredibly important – how to live longer for your family. In honor of Father’s Day- check out this late 80’s gem! Dad holds up my catch from a family fishing trip in Mexico. Love…
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So Many Diets: How Do I Choose?

You’ve made the wonderful decision to work out, take better care of your body, and get into healthier shape. You exercise, properly warm up and cool down, and hopefully are more attentive to what you’re now putting in your body. But do you actually know what type of diet and nutrition is best for you? For some body…
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