I’m going to try to do something a little different here. I enjoy cooking, and I love trying to make foods that will suit my dietary needs. With that in mind, I’m going to try and start posting the occasional recipe. In time, I’ll be fancy and organized enough to even take pictures of the cooking process. 😉

Thanks to allergies, I mostly removed eggs from my diet years ago. That means a lot of my Chinese favorites can be frustrating. I figured that surely I could come up with something at home that would taste good and be safe to enjoy.

Egg-free Chicken Fried Rice
1 cup uncooked brown rice

2 large chicken breasts- diced

sesame oil
2 tsp mustard seed, divided
1 large onion- diced
1 cup peas
1 cup diced carrots
minced garlic
minced ginger
1 package Trader Joe’s organic baked teriyaki tofu- diced
1/3 cup low-sodium soy sauce
1 tsp salt
black pepper to taste

Get the rice cooking. I don’t know what I’d do without my rice cooker.

Heat sesame oil with 1 tsp mustard seed in wok or large saucepan. (Use the lid, as the mustard seed gets explosive once it starts heating up.) Saute garlic and ginger. Add in chicken, 1 tsp salt, and cook till done. Remove from pan.

Time for the remaining oil and mustard seed. Saute in some more garlic and ginger. Toss in the diced onion and cook until it’s on the way to becoming carmelized. Add in the peas and carrots, saute for 2 minutes. Add 1/2 cup water, cover, cook for 4 minutes or until peas are desired tenderness. Return the chicken to the pan. Include the tofu.

If you cook anything like me, by now the rice should be done. Into the pan it goes, along with the soy sauce. Mix well, cook until rice starts to dry out and the tofu is fully heated through.

Now you have a delicious dinner for four that’s ridiculously healthy. (Serve generously.) Enjoy!

Nutritional information:
According to Sharecare.com’s wonderful calorie tracker, the entire meal comes out to around 2000 calories even estimating generously. That means it comes out to a surprisingly low 500 calories per person. 44g protein/62g carbohydrates/11g fat (or 36%/47%/17%). My only “health” complaint is that obviously the sodium content is going to be high, coming out to almost 1060mg of sodium.

Flavoring notes:
I didn’t provide exact amounts of garlic or ginger here because I use ridiculously large amounts. As in I probably used a full head of garlic and a couple of tablespoons of ginger. The nutrition information was calculated with that amount. I would go with what works for your tastes.