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Everchange Fitness

San Francisco-based Small Group Workouts and Coaching.

Life gets overwhelming. We can help.

Are You Ready For Something Different?

Finally, a fitness program for the non-athlete!

Do you constantly feel overworked?

Do you struggle with back and neck pain or low energy?

Do you spend so much time commuting, working and managing life that there’s no time for yourself?

Does a “regular” class at the gym leave you lost and feeling out of place?

You deserve a community that supports you in feeling happy, healthy, and best of all, fit.

Our mission is to help you reduce time lost to pain and illness, make smarter eating choices, and wear your clothes with confidence.

You won’t find any drill sergeants here, but you will be challenged and encouraged! We offer a fun and supportive community in a small group environment. Workouts are the full package: designed to help you strengthen your full core, cultivate balance and coordination, and become more flexible while getting your whole body moving.


Training Services


Increase your fitness with a community that gets you. Classes are capped at four people. Our program will keep you building your strength, cardio, endurance, and technique in a progressive manner instead of a “workout of the day” to keep you developing YOUR ideal .


We believe the other 165 hours per week are just as important as your time in the gym. Studio members are eligible for travel workout programs, stretching and mindfulness check-ins, nutritional support, and daily habit reminders designed to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Keep your fitness engaging and evolving! We offer a variety of seasonal fitness challenges, including our annual Little Black Dress Challenge, and regular 30 Day Point Challenges. 


Sometimes, coming into the studio isn’t possible. We offer live, online workouts. Set an appointment via Skype, Google Hangout, or Face Time and don’t worry about missing out on gym time.

Join us! It will only take a minute

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I am thrilled to say that after 19 years of chronic, constant pain that kept me up at night and kept deep sleep away, I now have moments of absolutely no pain, and longer moments of very little pain. I can sleep better, lift my son, and live a chaotic, crazy life without pain hampering my abilities.

Rebecca P.

My back, neck and hips used to hurt frequently (for years!) because of poor posture when reading textbooks and staring at computer and phone screens all day. I had almost accepted it as normal. But Jeri and I have been working on my strength and body alignment as I’m exercising– it has made such a difference! I rarely feel discomfort in what were once consistent problem areas. I’ve also been seeing results in terms of inches, pounds and body fat % lost! Now that I am exercising regularly and safely, I have more energy and clarity to get through the never-ending to-do list.

Kea S.

Everchange Fitness is changing my world!!! I am sore today in all the right places, all my abs, my legs, my butt, my back… yeah! My muffin top is now almost non existent and even my BACON BELLY is dwindling. Not sure where I will store all my naughty bits but I don’t care! I feel amazing and am seeing muscle tone and feeling very strong and happy. Thank you thank you thank you!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Monica F.

Jeri is a wonderful trainer and a great person. She knows her stuff and cares a whole lot about her clients and her craft. She takes time to find out what works for me and helps me listen to my body. And the results have been terrific! I feel and look so much better, not just my goal of losing weight, but also by improved posture and confidence. Working with Jeri was a GREAT decision!

Max Z.

I have been training with Jeri for years, and most recently–for over a year–at Everchange Fitness. And–the weekend warrior that I am (but actually it’s midweek soccer)–she has helped me to put my body back together and enabled me to keep playing the sport that I love even though I am now “more mature”. She is truly concerned about your individual goals and seeing what’s going on with you that day in order to get the best results–both short-term and long-term.

Kelly H.

More Than A Workout

The Everchange community is also about food and fun!

Coach’s Corner

Our coaches know what it’s like to deal with the responsibilities of family and work before we even pay attention to our own needs. Follow our blog to see their experiences with Fitness, Nutrition, and some of the obstacles that can keep us from enjoying our healthiest lives!

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